The Gift of Nature


The trees seek magical words,

As they move so gently,

Like a feather touching and landing on a soft pile of leaves.

The magical words seek the trees,

As the magic surrounds the trees and sprinkles some glitter on them.

The freshly picked raspberries so juicy and full of flavor,

Like they sucked the magic right in.

The sun, that turns everyone’s days into happiness

And as it’s rays of fire touch the dancing sea.

The sea so shimmery,

Like it is made of turquoise glitter.

The beauty of nature, that only heaven can make.

The beauty of nature, which god has made.






The kids playing outside,

With joy in their eyes.

The sun ever so slightly touches our skin.

This season would surely win!

The colorful flowers, which just brighten your day.

The wonderful breeze, which makes you sway,

Sway and absorbs you to the turquoise sky.

Never let this season die!!!

Different People, Different Personalities, Different Art


Each an everyone of us in this world have their own treasures to keep. A tree has many different leaves. Everyone has their own unique

ways. Everyone is made differently by God. On the outside and the inside too. This is what makes life unique and this world a world. We should be happy with the treasure we keep inside of ourselves and keep it safe with our reflections.

Sunset In The Beach


The water gently moves side to side under the sun, like it is dancing to the music that the warmth of the sun makes. It almost looks as if glitter was sprinkled by the sun on the beach. The sun slowly tans the water. The relaxing yellow color of the sun blends with the orange like a slow and soothing explosion. The rays of the sun looks like melted, dripping gold. The sky has all the colors that make you happy. The colors are light, still blending with the sky. What image do you see in your head? 



The sun is hiding behind the trees.

The stars come out to shine

And the moon is ready to do it’s job.

The wind fights me on my way home.

I hear the wind whistling 

And I see the trees dancing.

Tomorrow is waiting.

Gift To Write


You need a key to write and open the right door.

It is like a bridge you cross, full of different tales.

You can write what ever you want to, it is freedom.

It is like flying in the sky, feeling the cool breeze against your face,

Passing through puffy and soft clouds.

You can see your thoughts everywhere.

But to hold a pencil and write, you should enjoy it.



When rain falls the clouds are crying.

The rain falls with every emotion in a drop.

Then once the rain lands on you, you get that emotion.

But this only happens to rain because it goes through a miracle, an adventure in the sky.



How About…


How about opening up a window and wonder the wonders that have never been wondered before.

How about identifying a bird, each and every feather a different color, a different design.

How about looking at trees, seeing their shape, actions and expressions.

How about traveling around the whole world, meeting different cultures, looking at different colors.

Now, how about closing the windows and still wonder the wonders that have never been wondered before 

Where Are You Spring?


Where are you Spring?

I’m waiting for you!

I’m waiting for the rain, I’m waiting to take my umbrella outside.

I am not going to play hide and seek with you!

It’s a performance you have to do!

I’m waiting for your dress full of mushrooms and birds.

Come on Spring!

Where are you?